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EP supports EU sanctions against Russia

EP supports EU sanctions against Russia


The European Parliament (EP) welcomes the ratification of the Association Agreement with Ukraine and steps being taken to restore peace in Ukraine, at the same time condemning the Russian Federation for waging an undeclared "hybrid war" against Ukraine, urging the European Union member states to cancel planned agreements with Russia in the energy sector and to support farmers affected by Russia's food embargo, as Marta Ribele, acting head of the EP Information Office in Latvia, informed LETA.

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Approaches to media sector in Europe: Commission’s coordinating efforts

Approaches to media sector in Europe: Commission’s coordinating efforts


The article underlines the Commission efforts towards media sector plays a key economic, social and cultural role in the EU. Generally, Europe has a strong media industry, which creates growth and jobs and presents European life, history, culture and values around the world. The media landscape is following a transformation, characterized by a steady increase of convergence of media services, with a visible move towards intertwining traditional broadcast and internet. The EU institutions cannot do much about regulating the media sector in the member states as these “regulations”, according to the Lisbon Treaty, are of supplementing and coordinating character.

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