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New opportunities and trends in Nordic cooperation

New opportunities and trends in Nordic cooperation


Northern Europe is known for its open knowledge societies and innovative economies. Here in the north, the Baltic Sea region, the Nordic countries and the European Arctic overlap, and Finland is integral to each one. We are all Arctic, all Nordic and we hold a particularly central position in the Baltic Sea region. Over 40% of Finland’s foreign trade is with countries around the Baltic Sea, and Sweden and Denmark by themselves account for a similar, high proportion of all foreign direct investment in Finland.

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Finesse with competition on gas market

Finesse with competition on gas market


The laws govern the rights, duties and liability within the issuing country. They are binding for all parties implementing their rights or duties in the particular country and such parties are also subject to liability specified there. Consequently, a party is responsible for its activities in the territory of the particular country in accordance with legal regulation of such country.

Expert: Japan, EU have similar global role

Expert: Japan, EU have similar global role


Japan and the European Union share a lot of common features as global civilian powers, Tomonori Yoshizaki, departmental director at Japan's National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS), says, cites LETA/BNS.

Rietumu Bank’s Chairman Fuls: our motto is “Play by the rules”

Rietumu Bank’s Chairman Fuls: our motto is “Play by the rules”


Latvian newspapers «Dienas bizness» and «Segodna» («Сегодня») have published an interview with Rietumu Bank’s Chairman of the Board Rolf Fuls.

Who’s afraid of Russian gas?

Who’s afraid of Russian gas?


Russian energy has divided the transatlantic alliance for over 60 years. Tensions normally just simmer, but they flare up when a new project is proposed, especially after a political crisis. In the 1960s, it was the prospect of increased Soviet oil exports following the Cuban missile crisis. In the 1980s, it was more Soviet gas for Western Europe after the Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan and martial law had been declared in Poland. Today, it is the proposed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its war against Ukraine (among other actions).


Professor: Estonia may become hub for Chinese goods transit to Europe

The era of Russian transit via Estonia has come to an end, but if the country is successful in making use of the available opportunities it may become a hub for the transit of Chinese goods to Europe, Olga Nezerenko, associate professor of logistics at Mainor business school, has said, cites LETA/BNS.


Philosophy and science: different reasons and purposes

In contrast to Ancient India, Egypt and Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece was moving along the path toward the development of a new type of civil political community. More or less equal social interaction and confrontation of different points of view in the Greece of the VI - V. c. B.C. lead to the creation of a new type of intellectual culture which became the keystone of European culture – the ability of reflexive thinking, which implies the capacity to ask questions about the content and meaning of one’s activity and the awareness of personal authorship.


CEO: I see Lietuvos Energija as new generation company

Darius Maikstenas, CEO of state-controlled energy group Lietuvos Energija (Lithuanian Energy), says the company will focus on increasing renewable energy production capacity and the development of new smart power generation until 2030, reports BNS Interview/LETA.


Advisor to Nord Stream 2: the Norwegian gas can not be separated from the Russian one, the gas must flow in both directions

Some recent articles have created the impression as the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would jeopardize the interests of consumers in EU. This concern is not justified on today's EU gas market, the situation is the opposite.


Female ex-employees of EU gender equality institute in Vilnius: harassment was widespread

Sexual harassment at the European Institute of Gender Equality (EIGE) in Vilnius was more widespread than the few cases of harassment, former foreign employees of the Euorpean Union's (EU) institution told BNS, cites LETA.


China is ahead in the game – where is Europe

In order for Europe to compete economically but also to remain a relevant, viable partner to China, we need to strategically plan our future cooperation models. Europe has the option to keep doing more of the same and see China fly past in terms of development and innovation. But by being smarter and transforming faster, Europe has the potential to develop exportable concepts as a basis for continued cooperation, trade and sustainable global development.


Wage dynamics reflects moderate warming up of the labour market

In 2017, the average full-time wage in Latvia grew by 7.9%. This is quite close to Latvijas Banka's forecast published in the previous Macroeconomic Developments Report. In the fourth quarter, the average wage was 7.5% higher y-o-y.


Forbes: Why The U.S. Treasury Killed A Latvian Bank

Latvia’s third largest lender, ABLV, is to be closed down. On February 24th, 2018, the European Central Bank announced that ABLV was “failing or likely to fail in accordance with the Single Resolution Mechanism Regulation.” It will be wound up under Latvian law, and its subsidiary ABLV Bank Luxembourg will be wound up under Luxembourg law.


The way a newspaper can kill a bank

On the eve of its centenary Latvia has been involved in an international bank scandal: one of the largest national commercial bank, ABLV is on the brink of closure. Besides, Latvian Central Bank’s President is accused of obtaining a big bribe. Here comes a question: do we happen to know the names of those involved in this phantasmagoria?


Estonian president emphasizes need to protect the weaker

The President of the Republic at the Republic of Estonia Independence Day Celebration at the Estonian National Museum.

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