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Maciulis: decline in smuggling is Lithuania's success story in 2015

Maciulis: decline in smuggling is Lithuania's success story in 2015


A decline in fuel and cigarette smuggling is Lithuania's success story of the year 2015, Nerijus Maciulis, Swedbank's chief economist, said on November 10th, cites LETA/BNS.

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Rokas Grajauskas: Lithuanian economy is beginning to recover

Rokas Grajauskas: Lithuanian economy is beginning to recover


The latest data provided by Statistics Lithuania has showed that the country's economy grew by 1.8% in the third quarter of 2015. This is the best result achieved this year, demonstrating that Lithuania's economy is gradually recovering from the lowest growth period since the 2008-2009 crisis, informs LETA/ELTA.

EHU rector‘s open letter: a letter from Vilnius to Belarus

EHU rector‘s open letter: a letter from Vilnius to Belarus


The theatre goes on. Alexander Lukashenko will continue in his long running 'role' as president of Belarus. One cannot say 'elected,' 'endorsed' or even 'confirmed.' Not only would none of these be true, they would simply not be believable. As has been said, the only question in this piece of performance art was whether Lukashenko would choose to win by 72%, 79% or even more absurd, 83% of the vote, based upon the delusion that 'believability' was possible and that the Belarusian population can be kept silent .

Kasparov: Putin could attack Latvia and Estonia if oil prices continue to fall

Kasparov: Putin could attack Latvia and Estonia if oil prices continue to fall


Russian opposition politician Garry Kasparov told Fox News that if the price of crude oil prices drop to 20 dollars per barrel, Russian President Vladimir Putin may attack NATO members such as the Baltic states out of desperation, LETA/ERR reports.

Barbara Stöttinger: innovative studying environment and programs’ variety is WU Vienna's success

Barbara Stöttinger: innovative studying environment and programs’ variety is WU Vienna's success


The new rector of WU Vienna, Prof. Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, has appointed Assoc. Prof. Barbara Stöttinger as the WU Executive Academy's new dean. Prof. Stöttinger took over from her predecessor, Prof. Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, on October 1, 2015. Under her deanship, WU Vienna's business school is to continue its successful track record. BC during the press tour to Vienna had a pleasure to make an interview with Barbara, concerning to studying at WU Executive Academy.


Latvian PM gave a speech at the meeting with FICIL members

Prime Minister Mrs. Laimdota Straujuma at the high Council meeting between FICIL and Latvian Government on 25 September 2015 in Riga.


British historian: Baltics have a reason to be concerned

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have genuine cause for concern, British historian Robert Service, an expert in Russian history, pointed out in an article in the Financial Times, cites LETA.


Graube: Russia's actions near Latvia's border "increasingly provocative"

Russia's military activity near Latvia's border has notably increased this year compared to 2014, and it is becoming increasingly provocative, National Armed Forces' Commander Raimonds Graube said in an interview on LNT television, cites LETA.


How to overcome the crisis in heads?

Like the most of Latvian inhabitants for me it is hard to judge about the real reasons of “loud” story regarding ex-director of LDz (Latvian Railroads) Ugis Magonis. As an expert in jurisprudence, taking into account experience of economic development specialist, I could make some conclusions and draw parallels, which set thinking about our future very seriously. Unfortunately the conclusion is unfavourable – our economy (already quite weak) is to brake soon. We are destroying ourselves! And we are doing it very fast!


The WU Executive Academy 10 years on: an Austrian success story

It all began with a team of four, two MBA programs, two certificate programs and a handful of corporate programs and seminars. Only 10 years later, the WU Executive Academy employs more than 50 people and has established itself, in its three core business areas, as a leading training provider in Central and Eastern Europe, earning an eight-figure sum in executive education revenue.


Former LinkedIn executive: innovation requires a lot of risk and missteps

Innovation Drift, an international Vilnius Innovation forum took place at the conference hall Litexpo last week. Among many others, Kevin Eyres, the first LinkedIn employee outside the United States and former head of the company‘s European department, was be speaking. During his career, Mr. Eyres has been in charge of 3 Silicon Valley companies in Europe, reports BC press service from the Vilnius Innovation forum Innovation Drift.


Karimov: during the years of independence, Uzbekistan made its way equal to a century

Islam Karimov’s addresses with congratulatory speech at the 24th Independence Day celebrations for Uzbekistan. The speech was given BC from the Embassy in Riga.


Aven: no anti-Latvian sentiment in Russia, but anti-Russian sentiment can be observed in Latvia

No anti-Latvian sentiment is felt in Russia, however, one can observe anti-Russian sentiment in Latvia, Russian banker and billionaire Pyotr Aven says in an interview with the "Diena" newspaper, cites LETA.


Modern EU Policies: Integration in Action

The BC magazine starts a new publication series written by Eugene Eteris, the BC’s international editor, who is also teaching at the European Studies Faculty in RSU, Latvia. For more than two decades, prof. Eugene Eteris has been involved in the European policy’s research publishing extensively on contemporary European problems.


Op-ed: Ukraine’s road to reform

Here is a little-known fact. In 1990, as the Soviet Union was collapsing, Poland’s GDP was just 20% larger than Ukraine’s. Both countries were relatively similar in size and population.

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