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FY revenue of Sorainen group climbs 6 pct to EUR 9.3 mln

FY revenue of Sorainen group climbs 6 pct to EUR 9.3 mln


Consolidated revenue of the Sorainen AS legal services group increased 6 % year over year to 9.3 mln euros in 2015 and profit grew 13 % to 2.6 mln euros.writes LETA/BNS.

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Citizenship for special merits in front of Latvia

Citizenship for special merits in front of Latvia


In the practice our lawyers are often faced with questions of obtaining Latvian citizenship. Sometimes people wonder whether they can apply for citizenship for special merits in front of Latvia.

Politically exposed person from the point of view of the Latvian legislation

Politically exposed person from the point of view of the Latvian legislation


After the amendments to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing entered into force on March 1, 2016 in Latvia, some of our clients applied to us with a request to comment on these amendments in terms of their compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia and the Declaration on the protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Conclusion of same-sex marriage in Europe

Conclusion of same-sex marriage in Europe


The registration of same-sex marriage has recently become more and more significant and meaningful to a particular part of our modern society. Law Office INLAT PLUS has come across with clients of different gender, race, ethnicity and political affiliation, as well as with clients of different sexual orientation, who are interested to enter into same-sex marriages in our country. In Latvia, such marriages are not registered, but different property relations may be settled.

On the protection of personal data in Latvia

On the protection of personal data in Latvia


In recent years in Latvia, we receive an increasing number of questions from our customers about the need to register the processing of individuals' data obtained by the use of the DVR and video cameras installed on a private house or records from unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones.


Security Police orders Riga City Council employees and councilmen to report their trips to Russia, other CIS countries

Riga City Council's Executive Director Juris Radzevics, following the Security Police's instructions, issued a decree on January 5 ordering Riga City Council employees and councilmen to hand in full information about their trips to Russia, Belarus, other CIS countries and China planned for this year, as well as their past official and unofficial visits to these countries, LETA found out this morning.


Former Estonian Chancellor of Justice established Law Firm Teder

Indrek Teder, attorney at law and former Chancellor of Justice, established Law Firm Teder together with partners Mariana Hagström, Pille Pettai and Marko Pikani. The new firm aims to innovate legal services and make them more accessible, informs BC Mariana Hagström.


Krievins proposes liquidation of Inter-Ministerial Coordination Center

The State Chancellery's Director Martins Krievins proposed at the government's meeting today that the Inter-Ministerial Coordination Center be liquidated, reported LETA.


The possibilities of obtaining Latvian citizenship

Since the amendments to the Law on Citizenship of Latvia were adopted on October 1, 2013, which allow certain categories of people to obtain Latvian citizenship as a second (dual citizenship), the flow of willing to take this opportunity is not decreasing. It is not surprising!


About the upcoming changes in the micro tax in Latvia

On April 23, 2015, the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia passed several amendments to the Micro-enterprise Tax Law. One of the amendments shall enter into legal force on January 1, 2016, and the other on January 1, 2017.


Riga city District Court will make a decision in the case of Vladimir Vashkevich on June 19

After reviewing the case because of appeal of Vladimir Vashkevich on the decision of Sigulda city court on the civil suit on recall of information on affront of honour and dignity, Riga city District court took a break on 5 days, reported Gaida Matisone.


What a member of the board needs to know to reduce his/her responsibility in Latvia

Taking into account the continued relevance of the topic and a number of changes in the legislation in Latvia, we would like once again to discuss the responsibility of members of the board.


Register of Enterprises in Latvia. Execution of Documents and Use of Electronic Signature

Each company from time to time needs to register in the Register of Enterprises of Latvia the changes in the composition of shareholders or the board or any other information. Although the Register of Enterprises is trying to provide as much information and sample documents on its website as possible still one makes a great deal of mistakes while filling out the documents.


How to calculate and optimize immovable property tax in Latvia

We all wish to live well! Sooner or later a necessity to sell immovable property may arise and one would wish to save on tax payments. Our lawyer recommend how to do it right.


Divorce from a foreigner in Latvia – it has become easier

“Please help me to dissolve a marriage registered in Ireland!”, “I would like to dissolve a marriage with a foreigner here in Latvia, it is urgent!” – quite a number of clients call us regularly with similar requests. Since from February 1st, 2011 it has become possible to dissolve a marriage at the sworn notary we often receive calls and e-mails from women who married a foreigner in another country and now they are willing to dissolve their marriage in Latvia.

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