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About the bankruptcy of individuals in Latvia

About the bankruptcy of individuals in Latvia


Insolvency of private persons — is one of the prior and popular services of the law office INLAT PLUS International.

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Residence permit in Latvia. Questions and answers

Residence permit in Latvia. Questions and answers


A temporary residence permit program in Latvia has been popular for a number of years, and despite recent changes in the immigration legislation, which has made it much more difficult for new applicants to obtain residency in Latvia, the topic is still burning. Law firm INLAT PLUS often receives different questions from foreigners regarding the possibilities of obtaining the residence permit in Latvia, as well as the advantages and rights granted by this status.

Issues of dual citizenship in Latvia

Issues of dual citizenship in Latvia


In Latvia, dual citizenship is permitted only with the EU and NATO member states. Dual citizenship with other countries is allowed only to descendants of exiles/deported, descendants of Latvians (again, not for all) and persons, who have obtained Latvian citizenship for special merits. In all other cases, dual citizenship with "unauthorized" country is prohibited and entail deprivation of citizenship of Latvia. A person deprived of citizenship, if it was not able to appeal the decision in court, further can restore the citizenship of Latvia only through naturalization.

A foreign company is registered on your address - what to do?

A foreign company is registered on your address - what to do?


For many years, our clients are concerned about the following question: what might be the consequences of company’s registration on a specific legal address, e.g., in the apartment, and how to cancel this address?

Citizenship by birth in Latvia: comparative review

Citizenship by birth in Latvia: comparative review


The place where we were born can have a crucial meaning in our lives. The obligation to defend the country, to pay taxes, abide the certain laws – these all are obligations which people do not choose, they have them by birth.


Russian Foreign Ministry drafts document for visa-free travel of Latvian and Estonian non-citizens to Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry has drafted a presidential decree that would give rights of visa-free travel to Russia also to those Latvian and Estonian non-citizens, who had been born after February 6, 1992, when the Soviet Union citizenship ceased to exist, according to writes LETA.


Latvia's Gombergs a suspect in tax evasion case investigated by Estonian Tax Board

he Estonian Tax Board is close to completing investigation in a large-scale tax evasion case where one of the suspects is Latvia's millionaire Jevgenijs Gombergs, as TV3 television reported on Sunday writes LETA/BNS.


Teder Law Firm joins Nextlaw, the largest legal referral network in the world

TEDER Law Firm has joined Nextlaw Global Referral Network, the largest legal referral network in the world, with 283 member firms, 18 600 lawyers covering 160 countries. Joining the network will enable TEDER Law Firm to provide seamless, operative and high quality cross-border services by connecting its clients to a network of top tier lawyers around the world, BC told TEDER LAW firm representative.


Estonia and Poland investigating EUR 5 mln alleged fraud

Estonia and Poland have opened a criminal investigation into large-scale fraud and subsequent money laundering believed to have caused damage worth more than 5 mln euros, writes LETA/BNS.


Lithuania recalling defense attache from Russia over marriage to Crimean rezident

Lithuania's Defense Ministry on Tuesday said it was recalling Defense Attache to Russia Saulius Pikturna due to marriage to a resident of Crimea annexed by Russia, reports LETA/BNS.


Germany's Karcher-Futuretech claims it didn't supply kitchen utensils to Lithuanian army

Germany's Karcher-Futuretech maintains it did not supply any kitchen utensils to Lithuanian company Nota Bene, which later sold the items to Lithuania's Armed Forces, public relations chief of the German enterprise said LETA/BNS.


MG Baltic president questioned by Lithuania's Special Investigation Service

MG Baltic president questioned by Lithuania's Special Investigation Service.


FCMC forbids Estonia's Versobank to provide financial services in Latvia

The board of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) has decided to prohibit Estonia's Versobank from providing financial services in Latvia: attracting new customers in the territory of Latvia as well as the bank is requested to terminate contractual relationship with current customers, LETA was informed by FCMC spokeswoman Agnese Licite.


None of refugees admitted by Estonia under EU migrant plan has left

Where almost all the people granted international protection by Latvia under the European Union migrant distribution plan have left the country, none of such people relocated to Estonia have left, reports LETA/BNS.

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