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The premiere of the most sensational novelty of the season in Latvia

The premiere of the most sensational novelty of the season in Latvia


“Attempt on the state” is a modern detective story based on real events and irrefutable facts, which reflects a harsh story of a Latvian businesswoman and a tough confrontation between a high-ranking official and a group of criminals assisted by employees of the special services, and then by corrupt politicians. This story is resolved by life itself. What kind of resolution will it be? Justice is remaining silent for now.

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Swedish model in dealing with regional issues

Swedish model in dealing with regional issues


The book explores Swedish national policy in regional development in line with the EU regional policy ideas to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion by reducing disparities in the level of development among regions in the member states. It means, literary, investing in regions’ indigenous potential to promote competitiveness of regional economies and providing permanent catch-up of those lagging behind with more prosperous areas.

Janis Jonevs wins 2014 European Union Prize for Literature

Janis Jonevs wins 2014 European Union Prize for Literature


Latvian writer Janis Jonevs is one of the winners of 2014 European Union (EU) Prize for Literature for his novel "Jelgava '94", according to a press release published by the European Commission, informs LETA.

EU human rights activists supported Vilkaste’s family in Warsaw

EU human rights activists supported Vilkaste’s family in Warsaw


Human rights activists from different countries met in Warsaw last week to express support to Latvian entrepreneur Inara Vilkaste, wife of former director of Customs Criminal Board Vladimir Vashkevich, whose family is being harassed in their home country.

New book on Estonia and Latvia cooperation released

New book on Estonia and Latvia cooperation released


New book on Estonia and Latvia cooperation “Estonia-Latvia Stories” has been published in Estonian, Latvian and English. It contains sixty-seven short stories about cooperation between partners in Estonia and Latvia, written by eight writers from both countries and illustrated by six photographers.


Põllumajandus arvudes. 2013. Agriculture in Figures

The pocket-sized reference book provides information about the economic indicators of Estonian agriculture, agricultural land use, the area and yield of field crops and fruit and berry plantations, the number and production of livestock, and the use of mineral and organic fertilisers. Comparisons with previous years ensure a thorough overview of the development of Estonian agriculture. The information is presented as tables and diagrams.


European Business Environment: an American vision

The US and European economies are the strongest and biggest in the world. It’s good for entrepreneurs: that keeps them engaged. At the same time, there is a need for a fair supply of adequate information on each other blocks’ economies and business affairs. Besides, negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) require, in part, a better understanding of “business environment”. When completed, TTIP would make the biggest globally bilateral dealt between the two blocks’ economies.


On Katrandjiev’s book “The External Policy of the European Union”

As one of most young EU members Bulgaria is steadily filling the gap of serious academic research in the field of the EU politics. The very first wave of academic books produced on these matters were some popular descriptions of the EEC which appeared in the initial years of the democracy transition or translations from other European sources (for example one of important sources at that time was the book of prof. Wolfgang Wessels about the EU – Europa von A-Z: Taschenbuch der europaischen Integration, Werner Weidenfeld, Wolfgang Wessels Bonn, Europa Union Verlag, 1997).


Bank of Latvia issues collector coin dedicated to Jaunsudrabins' "The White Book"

On June 17, the Bank of Latvia will be issuing a new EUR 5 collector coin dedicated to "The White Book" by the famous Latvian writer Janis Jaunsudrabins, informs LETA.


Latvian saunas and Sigulda among "Lonely Planet's" top secret travel destinations

The tourist guidebook publisher "Lonely Planet", in its latest e-book about Europe's top secret travel destinations, has included scenic Sigulda, and Latvian sauna traditions, informs LETA.


Liepajas metalurgs bankruptcy – the greatest economic disaster since Parex collapse

The bankruptcy of the joint-stock metallurgical company Liepajas metalurgs is the greatest economic disaster to strike Latvia since the collapse of Parex Bank, Lato Lapsa, representative of the publishing house "Baltic Screen" and the co-author of a book about the company and its demise, said during a presentation of the book yesterday, reports LETA.


Eurasian project of Nursultan Nazarbayev which has been brought to life

The book «Eurasian project of Nursultan Nazarbayev which has been brought to life. To the 20th anniversary of the Eurasian project 1994-2014» was published in March of 2014. The Author of the book is well-known Kazakh politician and diplomat, the EurAsEC Secretary General, Doctor of Economics, Tair Mansurov.


Book commemorating Lithuania's 10th NATO membership to be presented

On Wednesday, a book Lithuania and NATO: Together for 10 Years to mark Lithuania's NATO membership will be presented at the Ministry of National Defence, reports LETA/ELTA.


Ilves presents compilation of his speeches in Russian

President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves presented a book Raagib Riigipea (Govorit glava gosudarstva/The Head of State Speaking) in Tallinn Central Russian Gymnasium, which collates a selection of speeches given by the Head of State from 2006 to 2012, and a longer interview especially given for this book, the Estonian government's and state chancellery's press service said in a statement, cites LETA.


Vademecum to law studies in the United States

All Baltic States have good relationships – economic, trade, cultural, tourist, etc. – with the United States. Besides, English is the most spoken foreign language in the Baltics. What is missing, for sure, is a lack of understanding of the USA’s legal system. The book has shown how to make one’s way to studies in American law school in a most efficient way.

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