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Unfolded future: modern challenges and governments’ responsibility

Unfolded future: modern challenges and governments’ responsibility


Numerous and dramatic changes occur in modern world with an exponential speed and fundamentally transform people’s life through mobile supercomputers, artificially-intelligent robots, self-driving cars, neuro-technological and genetic achievements. The changes, dubbed “the fourth industrial revolution”, will have serious implications for national policies and economic governance.

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EU published the first book to comprehensively tackle the full range of EU policy and public affairs

EU published the first book to comprehensively tackle the full range of EU policy and public affairs


European Union & Public Affairs Directory. The essential guide to the institutions and public affairs community in Brussels. 2016. Unite Kingdom. ISBN: 978-1-908232-24-3. The European Union & Public Affairs Directory (EPAD) 2016, published in December 2015 is Europe’s most comprehensive contact directory, detailing thousands of key European public affairs professionals, officials and policymakers and covering organisations from media agencies to major corporations and trade unions to think tanks, as well as the European Parliament, Council and Commission.

Lithuania issues shorter, illustrated emergency manual

Lithuania issues shorter, illustrated emergency manual


Lithuania's Ministry of National Defense has updated its emergency manual Prepare to Survive Emergencies and War: a Cheerful Take on Serious Recommendations, which was first published last spring. The new publication was on December 18th presented at the Ministry of National Defense, reports LETA/BNS.

Dreams and realities: another attempt to understand Russia’s soul

Dreams and realities: another attempt to understand Russia’s soul


In recent years, there have been numerous publications on Russian internal and external policies: it seems all – politicians, academics and publicists- wanted to write a few lines “about Russia” in their involvement to better understanding of the Russian way of life.

Aspazija's prose translated into English for first time

Aspazija's prose translated into English for first time


Next week, September 21st, a book presentation will be held of the Latvian Poet Laureate Aspazija's prose selections, translated into English, titled: "Aspazija. Her Lyrical Prose", reports LETA.


Grybauskaite meets with political scientist Karen Dawisha

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite met with Professor Karen Dawisha, a well-known American political scientist and author of the book “Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia”, who delivered the keynote address at the Vilnius Democracy Forum currently held in the Lithuanian capital, informed BC presidential press service.


Power elites in a welfare state: Danish example

The elites’ idea is neither an abstract theory dreamt up by modern technocrats nor a wild fantasy hatched by futurists. It has become a primordial socio-economic phenomenon in absolute majority of contemporary states. Cumbersome and often too complicated “official” decision-making process in a modern state allow for a non-official, however not less efficient, way to make important decisions; and sometimes quicker to implement some of them.


New EU Regional Policy’s Panorama is online

Recent “Panorama” summer edition (nr.53), a publication of the Commissioner and DG for Regional Policy is devoted to two main issues: celebrating 25 years of the Interreg program with an overview of 20 of its most successful projects, and the Cohesion Policy efforts to assist the implementation of the Digital Single Market, one of the Commission’s main priorities.


Presentation of the book "Latvia and Turkey: Distant and Near" in Ventspils

Presentation of the book "Latvia and Turkey: Distant and Near" took place in Ventspils on June 25, 2015 in the frames of the European Third-Country Nationals Integration Fund ‘s Project (Grant Agreement Nr. IF/2013/1.a/20).


Towards a shared European destiny: resolving identities and conflicts

A collective manuscript, written by scientists from Copenhagen Business School, CBS (nine from the CBS and one from Southern Danish University) is a fundamental attempt by the Danish intellectuals to dwell on the importance of identity (in particular, a collective identity) in politics and cultural debates.


Book about Latvian, Baltic, Nordic films now available

A book about Latvian, Baltic, and Nordic films and the filmmaking industry – "Stork Flying over Pinewood", which was officially presented by Liv Ullmann at the Riga International Film Festival 2014, has landed in bookstores.


Latvian and foreign experts to discuss EU’s and Russia’s “soft power” in the Baltic States and Eastern Neighbourhood

On May 18 at 10:00 at Astor Riga Hotel (Z. Meierovica Blvd. 10), the Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) organizes a public discussion and a presentation of the book “Different Faces of ‘Soft Power’: The Baltic States and Eastern Neighbourhood Between Russia and the EU”.


The Vatican hosted a Latvian Presidency seminar about the unique facsimile of the Terra Mariana album

On 10 March 2015, a seminar took place at the Vatican Apostolic Library the historical album entitled "Terra Mariana. 1186-1888". Occurring at the time of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the seminar focussed on the cooperation between Latvia and the Vatican preparation of the unique "Terra Mariana" album and the academic commentaries that accompany it, reports BC the Latvian MFA.


The premiere of the most sensational novelty of the season in Latvia

“Attempt on the state” is a modern detective story based on real events and irrefutable facts, which reflects a harsh story of a Latvian businesswoman and a tough confrontation between a high-ranking official and a group of criminals assisted by employees of the special services, and then by corrupt politicians. This story is resolved by life itself. What kind of resolution will it be? Justice is remaining silent for now.


Swedish model in dealing with regional issues

The book explores Swedish national policy in regional development in line with the EU regional policy ideas to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion by reducing disparities in the level of development among regions in the member states. It means, literary, investing in regions’ indigenous potential to promote competitiveness of regional economies and providing permanent catch-up of those lagging behind with more prosperous areas.

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