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The Commission and business leaders join efforts in boosting youth employment

The Commission and business leaders join efforts in boosting youth employment


At the Enterprise 2020 Summit (16-17 November 2015, Brussels), the European Commission and business leaders launched the “European Pact for Youth” to improve partnerships between business and education to boost the chances of young people getting jobs.

Energy for the Baltics: EU policies and national actions


The Commission has set out a set of joint goals aimed at coordinating the EU member states steps in their energy policies. These goals include fundamental choices in terms of progressive electricity and gas markets’ liberalisation, as well the way the states generate energy. The Baltic States have taken already progressive actions.

Europe’s future in education: changes needed


Education systems are within the member states’ competence; however, adequacy and quality of education are of the Union’s importance. Hence, additional measures are envisaged in coordinating and supporting education in the member states by the Commission. But there are some new ideas as well…

Hiding resource to explore: e-trade


New edition of the EU’s Consumer Scoreboard shows that cross-border e-commerce is still an under-developed market in Europe: 61% of consumers feel more confident buying online from their own country (61%) than from another EU state (38%). The same picture is in the Baltic States; the hiding resource for trade shall be explored.

Governing elites in modern economies


Modern governing structures are based on the principles of separation and division of power. However, some other “entities” appear, e.g. so-called elites or establishments. The “parallel” power structures exist already in Scandinavian countries; it seems they are being firmly established in the Baltic States too.

European integration: pros & cons for the Baltic States


European Commission announced release of €2,4 billion of “planned funding” to tackle the unusual and unexpected immigration flow. The figure is big but the news value is low, as the spending is spread out over seven years. Some Baltic States have got a slice of the pie…

Political actions needed to reduce unemployment


New Labour Market and Wage Developments Report (2014) published recently has shown that over 23,5 million people in the EU are out of job. According to the report, during five last years there was almost continuous decline in employment...

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