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European digital future: guidelines for the Baltics

European digital future: guidelines for the Baltics


Since last November, the new Juncker’s Commission has been working on the EU’s priority, i.e. Digital Agenda. During over half a year, the Commission has built an extensive “Agenda program” turning it into the European Digital Single Market, DSM. The idea is already inspired the Baltic States into active actions.

Attention to youth entrepreneurship in the Baltics


Youth unemployment is an urgent issue in the EU and the Baltic States. Eurofound’s new report has analyzed the factors that could facilitate entrepreneurial potential and influence young people’s decision to become self-employed. Public authorities in the Baltic States shall take a closer look at youth entrepreneurship’s problems in their countries.

Democracy’s coming to the European Union


The idea of the European Citizens' Initiative was introduced by the Lisbon Treaty. Specific rules and procedures were set out in a Regulation implemented by the member states since 2012. In this way the EU forces democracy principles into the Union’s decision-making.

Creativity as an answer to our future


In predicting the future, creativity becomes an important value. It is creativity that changes the world around us so quickly that forecasting is limited by a few years. Are there any chances for a long-term social-economic prognosis?

Future of tomorrows’ economy: incentives for business


The future’s economic development will be based on a reduced-to-minimum distance between the supply-demand sides of the production chain. Another change is a shift from economic ownership categories to a “user-ship” one. Business in the Baltics has to see the future trends and accommodate to changes…

Economic democracy: a way to a better future?


Europeans are already about seven years in “after crisis” time. Both laymen and experts are trying to find ways of avoiding another one. While both blame capitalism, some say it’s about the wrong governance and bad economics.

EU’s Capital Markets Union will assist business


Commission’s new initiative is aimed at creation the genuine EU’s capital markets union in order to assist businesses in Europe. After some consultations with the member states, an action plan will pave the way for the all-Europe’s financial market by 2019.

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