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Estonia: Producer price index continued to fall in December

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According to Statistics Estonia, in December, the producer price index of industrial output fell by 0.9% compared to November and by 1.2% compared to December 2018.

In December, compared to November, the producer price index was affected more than average by price decrease in the production of electricity and electronic equipment, water supply and manufacture of chemicals and chemical products. The change in water supply was caused by lower water fees in the capital city. Price increase in the manufacture of fuel oils and plastic products also had an impact on the index.

Compared to December 2018, the index was affected mainly by price decrease in electricity and heat energy supply, manufacture of wood and wood products and paper products but also by price increase in the manufacture of fuel oils.

Change in producer price index of industrial output by economic activity, December 2019

Economic activity according to EMTAK 2008

November 2019 – December 2019, %

December 2018 – December 2019, %







Mining and quarrying



Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply



Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities



The export price index changed by -0.5% compared to November. The prices of electricity, electronic equipment and peat products decreased the most, while the prices of textiles and furniture increased. The export price index fell by 0.1% compared to December 2018.

The import price index changed by 0.2% compared to November. The prices of agricultural and forestry products and electrical equipment increased more than average, while the prices of electricity, leather products and footwear and metals decreased. The import price index increased by 0.8% compared to December 2018.

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