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Two cars fall into sinkholes on Gertrudes Street in Riga

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Two motor vehicles fell into sinkholes which had opened after street surfacing caved in on Gertrudes Street during hydraulic tests on Friday, LETA was told at the State Police.

At 10:32 this morning, police were called to 14 Gertrudes Street where two autos - a BMW and a Mercedes Benz - had broken through the cobbled street surfacing. 

The Mercedes Benz managed to get out of the hole on its own, but the other vehicle had to be pulled out with the help of special equipment. Nobody was harmed in the accident. The Gertrudes Street section between Brivibas Street and Terbatas Street has been closed to traffic at the moment. 

As LETA found out, the street surfacing caved in during hydraulic tests that are being carried out in a vast territory on the right side of the River Daugava. 

"The heating mains are tested by increasing pressure, and this time a pipe burst resulting in a washout. These particular heating mains have been constructed back in 1963 and have reached the end of their service life," said Linda Rence, a spokeswoman for Rigas Siltums municipal heating company. 

A section of Gertrudes Street in Riga that was temporarily closed to traffic today after two motor vehicles fell into sinkholes has now reopened,  LETA was told at the State Police.

Gertrudes Street is open to traffic in both directions but motor vehicles are being diverted on one lane only.

Rigas Siltums is expected to compensate the losses caused by the accident. 

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