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Itella starts installing parcel machine containers

BC, Tallinn, 17.11.2020.Print version
The logistics company Itella is introducing so-called parcel houses in Estonia, where parcel lockers are installed in containers with a glass facade adapted for this purpose, informs LETA/BNS.

The company usually installs parcel machines indoors, but according to Itella, many smaller cities and built-up areas do not have suitable premises.

"Parcel houses can be installed virtually anywhere where there is sufficient demand for parcel lockers, but there is no suitable indoor space," Meelike Paalberg, CEO of the Estonian arm of Itella, said in a press release.

The glass facade door of the so-called parcel house has a lock that can be opened with a PIN code, which also opens the door of the parcel locker. "It is also possible for several people to get their parcels from one parcel machine at the same time without standing in line at the center console," Paalberg added.

The ability to send and return parcels will be added later.

The first parcel houses were installed in Kose, Paldiski and Turi in cooperation with the Grossi grocery stores there. According to Paalberg, it is planned to install similar parcel houses in other smaller cities in Estonia.

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