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Bolt to launch electric scooter rent in Tartu

BC, Tallinn, 12.05.2020.Print version
Under an agreement to be concluded between the city of Tartu and the transport platform and rental service provider Bolt, the latter will start providing the electric scooter rental service in Estonia's second largest city later in May 2020, reports LETA/BNS.

Tartu's Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm said in a press release on Tuesday that Bolt has obtained experience with the provision of electric scooter rent on a good level in various cities and the city government hopes that cooperation with Bolt will be good also in Tartu.

Thomas Tammus, head of electric scooter business at Bolt, said that Bolt wishes to launch the service in Tartu as soon as possible.

"For now, we will set out in Tartu with last year's models, but we will be replacing them on an ongoing basis," Tammus said.

At the end of the ride, users must park the scooter in a safe place where it doesn't get in the way of traffic, preferably near a bicycle parking area. The precise areas are shown on the map available with the app.

The scooters will be disinfected during the day and collected for recharging in the evening. 

Bolt scooters can develop a speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour, whereas each user must be confident that the chosen speed is safe for them and other participants in road traffic. In certain areas, such as in the Old Town, the maximum speed of the scooters is limited automatically.

It is recommended to use electric scooters on bicycle roads or, in the absence thereof, on sidewalks and pedestrian paths. The minimum age of the person who can rent an electric scooter is 16. Users under 18 years of age must possess a bicycle driving license and wear a helmet.  

The electric scooter season will continue until weather permits.

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