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Latvian students, teachers and parents in general consider distance learning process a success

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Students, teachers and parents in general consider the distance learning process to be rather successful or very successful, Guntars Catlaks, head of the National Center for Education, told a press conference on June 3rd, cites LETA.

According to a survey carried out by the Education and Science Ministry and Edurio, practically all the surveyed parties generally have a good opinion of the distance learning process. 84% of the surveyed students, almost all surveyed teachers and 78% of parents said so.

54% of the surveyed parents said they were convinced that their children had acquired new skills and competencies during this time, while 41% of parents are unsure about it. 5% do not believe at all that their children have learned new skills during the distance learning process.

Family plays a very important role in the distance learning process - more than half of the students' families helped them with their studies, said Catlaks. Parents helped their children with their studies for at least two hours a day, which is a lot, considering that the parents also worked, said Catlaks. Parents also helped the children to plan their time and complete assignments, that is, things that are mostly done in person by teachers.

At the same time, students who like the distance learning process indicated that the opportunity to plan their own time, listen to music while studying, and sleep longer were all important. However, a large number of students said they lacked teachers' explanations of the subject matter and were worried that they would not be able to complete assignments independently.

The survey has also found that some students are affected by slow Internet connection, no appropriate software, webcams, microphones and other items.

Another problem identified during the survey is heavy workload. All the parties involved spent much more time at the computer than usual and teachers admitted that they often felt exhausted.

The survey will continue to give the Center for Education a more complete picture of what needs to be taken into account when planning the next school year, said Catlaks.


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