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New edition of the Rietumu Guidebook to Latvia issued

New edition of the Rietumu Guidebook to Latvia issued


Rietumu Bank has released a new version of its prestigious guidebook for Riga, Jurmala and other interesting places in Latvia – 2017 Rietumu Guide, informed BC representative of Mass Media and Public Relations at the bank Eleonora Gailisha.

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Business and investment in Russia: comprehensive analyses

Business and investment in Russia: comprehensive analyses


Famous Routledge Studies in the Modern World Economy series addresses in a new publication important and complex investment issues around Russia’s FDI. Foreign investments’ outflow and inflow has been (until recently) a vital part of both foreign corporate activities in Russia and Russian companies’ expansion in the world. A team of almost 20 researchers by using a range of different models reveals a diverse picture of Russian political economy through FDIs.

Baltic Sea region: responses to modern challenges

Baltic Sea region: responses to modern challenges


Baltic Sea region’s cooperation is a priority for all countries in the area. The report on the state of the Baltic Sea region’s for 2016 shows the ways the region’s countries keep their positions as one of the most dynamic regions in the world. However, the report concludes that it is unlikely that the region would make a central platform for common actions.

The Book “Piranesi. Roman Antiquities” Has Been Published in Riga

The Book “Piranesi. Roman Antiquities” Has Been Published in Riga


The Art Museum Riga Bourse, which forms a part of the Latvian National Museum of Art, in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy and Rietumu Charity Fund, has published an art book of its collection of graphic works by Giovanni Battista Piranesi. The book has been published with dedication to the exhibition of works of this outstanding Italian artist from the Latvian museum collection, recently held in the Riga Bourse, where the bulk of this collection was presented.

The presentation of the book donation by The Gorbachev Foundation at the Academic Library of the University of Latvia

The presentation of the book donation by The Gorbachev Foundation at the Academic Library of the University of Latvia


On 18 August 2016, at 14.00 o’clock at the Academic Library of the University of Latvia (Rupniecibas street 10, Riga) the book donation by The Gorbachev Foundation will take place.


Latvians name fiscal prudence as main lesson from economic crisis

One of the main lessons people in Latvia learned during the economic crisis was to handle their finances with prudence and not live beyond their means, shows a survey conducted by the authors of the book "Economic Crisis in Latvia: The Aftertaste of a Success Story", informs LETA.


New publication by the Latvian Institute of International Affairs assesses new tendencies in Latvia-US relations

Experts, who have authored the new collection of articles on Latvian-US relations, offered by the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, not only highlight both countries’ strategic cooperation on security issues but also call for greater attention to economics and the role of the diaspora. The publication assesses the achievements of the last four years and offers recommendations for the future. The new book will be freely available at the presentation and expert discussion taking place on May 26 at the hotel Bergs, as well as online.


Online Round Tables materials’ collection is available at

For readers’ convenience, we have published online the set of Round Tables and seminars’ materials, which took place during 2010-15 at the Baltic International Academy (BIA).


Estonian businessman Kofkin triumphs against journalists in book lawsuit about Ansip

The businessman Alexander Kofkin has achieved a final victory in a lawsuit against the authors and the publisher of a book about former Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip after the Supreme Court on Monday turned down the defendants' appeal, informs LETA/BNS.


Unfolded future: modern challenges and governments’ responsibility

Numerous and dramatic changes occur in modern world with an exponential speed and fundamentally transform people’s life through mobile supercomputers, artificially-intelligent robots, self-driving cars, neuro-technological and genetic achievements. The changes, dubbed “the fourth industrial revolution”, will have serious implications for national policies and economic governance.


EU published the first book to comprehensively tackle the full range of EU policy and public affairs

European Union & Public Affairs Directory. The essential guide to the institutions and public affairs community in Brussels. 2016. Unite Kingdom. ISBN: 978-1-908232-24-3. The European Union & Public Affairs Directory (EPAD) 2016, published in December 2015 is Europe’s most comprehensive contact directory, detailing thousands of key European public affairs professionals, officials and policymakers and covering organisations from media agencies to major corporations and trade unions to think tanks, as well as the European Parliament, Council and Commission.


Lithuania issues shorter, illustrated emergency manual

Lithuania's Ministry of National Defense has updated its emergency manual Prepare to Survive Emergencies and War: a Cheerful Take on Serious Recommendations, which was first published last spring. The new publication was on December 18th presented at the Ministry of National Defense, reports LETA/BNS.


Dreams and realities: another attempt to understand Russia’s soul

In recent years, there have been numerous publications on Russian internal and external policies: it seems all – politicians, academics and publicists- wanted to write a few lines “about Russia” in their involvement to better understanding of the Russian way of life.


Aspazija's prose translated into English for first time

Next week, September 21st, a book presentation will be held of the Latvian Poet Laureate Aspazija's prose selections, translated into English, titled: "Aspazija. Her Lyrical Prose", reports LETA.


Grybauskaite meets with political scientist Karen Dawisha

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite met with Professor Karen Dawisha, a well-known American political scientist and author of the book “Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia”, who delivered the keynote address at the Vilnius Democracy Forum currently held in the Lithuanian capital, informed BC presidential press service.

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