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Just 39% of Latvians consider corruption unacceptable

BC, Riga, 11.06.2020.Print version
Just 39% of the polled people in Latvia consider corruption unacceptable in contrast to 69% of respondents across the European Union (EU), writes LETA, according to new Eurobarometer survey released by the European Commission.

The highest level of corruption tolerance has been recorded in Hungary where corruption is seen as unacceptable by 38% of the surveyed population. Latvia is second from the bottom on the list.

Meanwhile, the lowest level of corruption tolerance has been recorded in Portugal where corruption is unacceptable to 88% of respondents.

Countries' indexes of corruption tolerance have been drawn up based on respondents' answers to three questions about services they believe it is acceptable to provide to public sector employees in exchange for a favorable results.

The Eurobarometer survey also reveals that 84% of Latvians feel that corruption in their country is widespread. The average figure in the EU is 71. The highest number of people considering corruption to be widespread in their country was recorded in Croatia (97%) and the lowest in Finland (22%).

Most often respondents in Latvia said that corruption is especially widespread among authorities issuing construction permits (47%), in political parties and public tenders. 

In Latvia, Eurobarometer survey was conducted in December, interviewing 1,002 respondents.  

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