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1 in 5 residents of Estonia consider buying electric car in next 5 years

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A total of 22% of Estonian residents are giving consideration to  buying an electric car in the next five years, while 36% are considering doing it in the next 10 years, it appears from a survey carried out by Citadele Bank and pollster Norstat in the three Baltic countries, informs LETA/BNS.

The ratio of respondents in Lithuania who are giving consideration to buying an electric vehicle in the next 10 years was as high as 46%, Marina Hakiainen, head of retail banking at the Estonian branch of Citadele, said in a press release. 

The respective ratio on Latvia was 39%.

The survey also revealed that support for electric vehicles is generally high among residents of Estonia, even among people who are not planning to buy such vehicle themselves, with 32% of respondents here saying that while they are not planning on buying an electric car, they support wider use of electric vehicles.

Of Estonian respondents 16% said that they never intend to buy an electric vehicle as they favor the use of vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

Residents of towns and cities are more likely to be planning the purchase of an electric vehicle than residents of smaller settlements and rural areas, it appears from the survey.

Hakiainen explained that a person's intention to buy an electric vehicle of course does not mean that the person will actually buy such vehicle in the coming few years, as alongside intention also other factors are playing an important role. 

"Many pointed out that the relatively big initial expenditure in the acquisition of such vehicle may prove an obstacle. Where in Lithuania, for instance, a higher percentage of residents are planning the purchase of an electric car, in Estonia much more favorable options may exist for that, such as the support program for the acquisition of electric vehicles offered by the Environmental Investment Center," she said, adding that also the availability of a sufficiently extensive network of charging stations and other factors facilitating purchase are playing a role.

The survey was conducted by interviewing 1,000 people of ages 18 to 74 in each of the Baltic countries in September. 

Citadele is a Riga-based Latvian financial group that offers banking, financial and asset management services. Its subsidiaries and branches operate in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Switzerland.

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