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50-70% drop in passengers using taxi services during state of emergency in Latvia

BC, Riga, 29.05.2020.Print version
Kristians Godins, board chairman of the Road Transport Administration, said in an interview with LETA that there has been a 50-70% drop in passengers using taxi services during the state of emergency period.

He said the Road Transport Administration has spoken to taxi companies who admit that the number of passengers has dropped significantly for all.

"The decline is in the range of 50-70%. This has an impact on companies' revenues and current assets. At the same time, the number of taxi licenses issued has even increased slightly from month to month," Godins said.

At the same time, he added that a new nuance that has emerged during this time - taxis are involved in food deliveries. In this case, the advantage of taxi companies is that they have a network of dispatchers and developed practices for collecting and servicing orders.

Speaking about the number of complaints about taxi services, Godins said that this has also declined, because people are using these services less.

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