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Russia halts pork import from EU

Russia halts pork import from EU


Russia announced this afternoon that a ban is on for pork and pork products crossing the border from European Union countries in wake of the swine fever outbreak in Lithuania, informs PRIME/LETA.

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Euro changeover in Latvia requires changes in the company documents

Euro changeover in Latvia requires changes in the company documents


Law firm INLAT PLUS draws your attention to the fact that due to the changeover to the euro in Latvia from January 1, 2014 it is necessary to make changes in the articles of association of existing companies and show equity capital in euro. It’s a mandatory procedure for all companies. Limited liability companies and joint stock companies must submit amendments to the Register of Enterprises till June 30, 2016.

Kekava school in Latvia shut down after information that building not cleared for use

Kekava school in Latvia shut down after information that building not cleared for use


In what could be described as extreme caution since the November 21 supermarket tragedy [under investigation] in Riga, many entities are checking, double checking, and in many cases, questioning the quality of building construction, and all required paperwork thereof. A case in point surfaced today as the Plavniekkalna Primary School was ordered closed by the Keklava Region Council after it found out that the building had not been through final inspection following renovation, informs LETA.

Assistance obtaining dual citizenship in Latvia

Assistance obtaining dual citizenship in Latvia


The amendments to the Citizenship Law of the Republic of Latvia came into force as of 1 October 2013, which supplements the law with the provisions on dual citizenship. Now, upon occurrence of certain circumstances, the law permits dual-citizenship when applying for a Latvian passport through naturalization or on the other grounds.

On liability for triggering in Latvia hatred on the world wide web

On liability for triggering in Latvia hatred on the world wide web


Question: Is it possible to hold a person liable in Latvia for offensive behavior, spamming and triggering hatred on the world wide web?


Finmin to resolve issues of bank Ukio

Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius delegates Minister of Finance Rimantas Sadzius to resolve issues of bank Ukio Bankas, informs LETA/ELTA.


On termination of employment contract in Latvia

Question: The director has offered me to resign voluntarily due to crisis in Latvia and company’s impossibility to maintain previous number of employees. In this regard he offered to sign the agreement for termination of employment relation as of tomorrow. Are such activities legal on the part of the employer? What shall I do?


On period of guarantee in Latvia

Question: I was refused guarantee service in a company which sold me a TV-set one and a half year ago in Latvia. The motive was that the guarantee period for that TV model is only 1 year. However I’ve heard that the guarantee period in Latvia may not be less than 2 years. Is it so?


On insolvency proceedings of a legal person in Latvia

Question: I’m facing a situation which is quite common nowadays in Latvia. I own a company, which is unable to settle its debts: my clients have failed to pay and the company has no means to settle accounts with suppliers. I’ve heard that upon certain circumstances a company has an obligation to submit insolvency application. What could be those circumstances?


On participation in a Latvian company

Question: I would like to establish a new limited company (SIA) where share capital will be divided 50/50 between my business partner and me in Latvia. I’ve heard that such participation in a company may cause problems. Why?


On subrogation action by Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Latvia

Question: I’ve received a letter of claim by Motor Insurer’s Bureau for compensation of losses. The letter indicates that I own the car which caused road accident thus inflicting losses to third persons. However I have sold the car a year ago and didn’t commit this road accident. Is it lawful for Insurers’ Bureau to claim these losses?


On the rights of the lessor in Latvia

Question: Upon termination of lease relations the lessee has left his property in the premises. After some time it appeared that air-conditioner installed in the ceiling belongs to the bank. The bank demanded the return of it. However, it is impossible to remove the air-conditioner without damaging the ceiling. The bank refused to compensate the damage and demands air-conditioner. What shall I do in this case?


On property division in Latvia

Question: I’ve inherited a quarter of an apartment and would like to divide it with other owners. How can I do that?


On recovering vehicle’s price in Latvia

Question: Recently I’ve bought a car from a private individual and registered the purchase with Road Traffic Safety Department (CSDD). No written agreement for the purchase was signed between us. The next day I’ve found a significant transmission defect. May I return the car to the seller and get the price back?


Choosing surname for a child in Latvia

Question: I’m pregnant from a man I do not intend to marry. He wants a child to have his surname, which is unacceptable to me due to many reasons. First of all I’m concerned that a family shall have the same surname. The family, however, is my children and me. Furthermore, we already have one child who has my surname and therefore I’m sure that a brother and a sister shall share the same surname considering they will go to same school and further in life will spend a lot of time together. Is father entitled to give his surname to the second child? What should I do in order to prevent it? Will this be decided in his or my favor when we come to register the baby?

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