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eGA to create conditions for digital transformation in the Kingdom of Tonga

BC, Tallinn, 04.12.2020.Print version
eGA started three World Bank-financed projects in the Kingdom of Tonga to create conditions for the digital transformation of the country. The tasks are threefold: developing the e-government architecture framework, consultations on national cyber security, and providing advice on civil registration and national ID, all contributing to meeting the goals of the Tonga Digital Government Strategy.

Photo: Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Tonga

"Our tasks are like the three big whales that will form the foundation for Tonga's further digital transformation. The creation of an appropriate ICT infrastructure strategy, upgrading of national ID and consultations on how to protect the country against cyberattacks will allow the Government of Tonga to create modern public services for their citizens," said Hannes Astok. "We will involve Estonia's best experts in their field from both the public and private sectors in order to take the Tongan government's ICT capacity to a new level, "said Hannes Astok. "We do counseling remotely and because of the time difference about 11 hours, the experts work at night," he added.


The tasks related to the development of the e-government architecture framework include the creation and maintenance of Tongan Enterprise Architecture Framework and specific business architecture models. Moreover, eGA will analyse ways to reduce government IT expenses and develop processes to evaluate information systems used by the government and public authorities.


Within the second project, eGA will develop technical and functional designs and requirements for upgrading the civil registration system, modernising the national ID system, and integrating them and developing documentation for related procurements. Moreover, eGA experts will assist in the evaluation of bids and provide technical assistance in supervising the implementation of the activities.


Within the third project, eGA provides the Government of Tonga with cyber security consultancy and capacity building. The activities are focused on the development of operational and administrative standards, assurance, monitoring, as well as audit and cyber security emergency response (CERT) capabilities.


eGA's collaboration with the Kingdom of Tonga started two years ago within the consultancy Project „Awareness Raising of Pacific Island Development Aid Countries". The current projects have financed by the World Bank with a total budget of 745,000 euros and they will run until 2022.

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