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The volume of industry in Estonia increased for the first time since the coronavirus crisis

Kadri Kütt, Statistics Estonia, Tallinn, 01.12.2020.Print version
According to Statistics Estonia, in October, the production of industrial enterprises increased by 1% compared to October 2019. In the three main industrial sectors, production fell by 4% in energy production and by 6% in mining, but increased by 2% in manufacturing.

Industry is the largest sector of the economy and an important driver of economic growth. The index of industrial production covers the economic indicators of three industrial activities: mining, energy production, and manufacturing.

According to Helle Bunder, analyst at Statistics Estonia, the production of industrial enterprises increased for the first time since the emergency situation was declared. “Manufacturing provided the biggest boost with an increase in the manufacture of computers and electronic products and in the manufacture of wood. At the same time, with these comparisons, it is important to note that the decrease in manufacturing production first began in October last year,” explained Bunder.

An increase was recorded in two thirds of the manufacturing activities. Among the activities with the largest shares, the decrease in production was the biggest in the manufacture of building materials and in the manufacture of fabricated metal products.

68% of the total production of manufacturing was sold to the external market. The share of export sales was the highest in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and computers and electronic products. According to unadjusted data, the export sales of manufacturing production increased by 6% year on year, while domestic sales fell by 6%.

In October, compared to September, the seasonally adjusted total industrial production increased by 2% and the production of manufacturing increased by 3%.

In energy production, the volume of electricity production (in megawatt-hours) increased by 5% compared to October 2019, while the production of heat fell by 12% year on year.

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