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Lithuania's LTG Cargo entering Poland

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LTG Cargo, the freight transportation arm of Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways, LTG), has established a subsidiary in Poland, LTG Cargo Polska, for rail freight operations in the neighboring country, the state-owned group said on Tuesday, cites LETA/BNS.

The aim is to strengthen logistics supply chains and improve the mobility of large freight shipments between Lithuania and Poland, LTG said in a press release.

The expansion to Poland will also help diversify LTG Cargo's operational risks, boost freight flows and achieve its strategic target of 65 million to 70 million tons of freight per year, it said.

"Although rail freight businesses across Europe are experiencing shocks, we see the current period as an open window of opportunity for active development", LTG Cargo CEO Egidijus Lazauskas said in the press release. 

"This will allow us to further diversify our freight flows and reduce our dependence on traditional types of freight demand for which will gradually shrink over the next decade," he added. 

In the near future, LTG Cargo Polska will seek strategic partnerships with carriers in the Polish market to develop freight routes between Poland and Lithuania

LTG Cargo is currently in talks with PKP Cargo, Poland's leading railway freight operator, on a joint venture for intermodal shipments between the two neighboring countries. 

Lithuania's LTG Cargo is also poised to start freight transportation operations in Poland in the near future. 

Poland's Office of Rail Transport (UTK) in late June granted a safety certificate to the Lithuanian operator which plans to initially launch a regular freight service between Mockava and Bialystok. 

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