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Enterprise Estonia launches service for including foreign market experts

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Enterprise Estonia has launched a new service aimed at helping businesses benefit from the assistance of export and product development experts with international experience, informs LETA/BNS.

Said experts will provide businesses with knowledge of foreign markets and trends, and assist in product development and design processes to ensure suitability for their target market, according to Enterprise Estonia. 

Enterprise Estonia CEO Peeter Raudsepp said that the new service is aimed at helping exporters in situations where their own knowledge and skills are insufficient for entering or expanding in new markets.

"While operating on export markets, businesses face challenges such as finding the right partner and developing products and services that take into consideration the specific nature of the market. One option for increasing export is including competence in the corresponding market," Raudsepp said in a press release.

The Enterprise Estonia CEO noted that while one-off queries are answered by EAS export advisers, the latter are unable to assist businesses with specific matters, such as product development or devising a marketing plan.

Businesses increasing their awareness of these topics on their own can be highly educational, but it requires a lot of time and resources. 

"In such cases, it would be beneficial to include a specialist through Enterprise Estonia who will handle the specific topic and bring new knowledge and skills to the company," Raudsepp said.

The Enterprise Estonia international experts program reduces risks and facilitates the inclusion of experts with specific knowledge for businesses. Enterprise Estonia and its partners will assist with finding experts on Swedish, Norwegian, German, Chinese and United Arab Emirates markets. If the business already has an expert whose services it wishes to use, they can also enter Enterprise Estonia's program with their expert for the said as well as other target markets. 

Businesses can use the expert's services for up to 12 months. Enterprise Estonia will compensate the company for 80 percent of the expert's remuneration in the total sum of up to 10,000 euros. If the business seeks to use the help of an expert of their choice, the latter needs to meet certain criteria.

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