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Estonia: Tallink to depart once per week for Aland islands in June, July

BC, Tallinn, 01.06.2020.Print version
In connection with the imminent easing of travel restrictions between Estonia and Finland, shipper Tallink Grupp announced that it will start offering the opportunity to travel to the Aland islands once a week in June and July, informed LETA.

"We are pleased that the easing of travel restrictions in our region now gives us the opportunity to offer our passengers short trips to neighboring countries after a very difficult time for all of us," Tallink Grupp management board member Piret Murk-Dubout said.

"Our customers have said that they want to travel already this summer in our nearby region, where it is safe and secure, so we have done our best to make agreements with different destinations and create different opportunities for our passengers to travel to our neighboring countries. The Aland islands have been very popular among Estonian travelers year after year as a special trip, so it was only logical that this summer we will give a larger number of Estonians the opportunity to visit this wonderful area," Murk-Dubout added.

"We have greatly improved various safety measures on our ships to give our passengers the opportunity to come with us on a voyage with peace of mind and forget for even a moment the difficulties of the last few months," she said.

Tallink passengers are welcome to visit the Aland islands on foot, by bicycle, by motorcycle or by car.

The first two departures to Mariehamn are to take place on June 19 and 26 with cruise ferry Baltic Queen.

Ticket sales for departures to the Aland islands will begin on Monday.

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