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Latvian scientists built AI platform to navigate physicians in the treatment of COVID-19

BC, Riga , 31.03.2020.Print version
Smartomica, a Latvian biotech company, has entered into a partnership with global healthcare technology leader MetAdvice, to develop an IT, decision-making platform for the coronavirus, Smartomica`s representative informed BC.

The partnership is developing a knowledge based decision support system, called ARIADNA (Artificial Intelligence Applied Diagnostic Navigation Atlas), helping medical professionals of various original specializations to more efficiently navigate the issues related to treatment of COVID-19.

“Our goal is to support a single, unified medical response to COVID-19, instead of leaving the doctors to navigate the uncertainty by themselves”, — said Prof. Ivars Kalvins, head of ARIADNA Scientific Advisory Board.

The ARIADNA platform consists of three distinct components. First, a medical decision support system in the form of an interactive questionnaire that guides doctors of various specializations and functions according to a single national protocol. Next, a framework for monitoring compliance and quality of medical services within the healthcare system according to each patients’ dynamics, available to health managers in real-time. Finally, an AI-based system for the aggregation and analysis of relevant experience and information on the diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus, such as protocols from different countries, scientific articles, relevant clinical trials for expert groups developing national protocols and decision-makers in healthcare.

“The primary goal for us now is to provide a user-friendly intuitive tool for everyone in healthcare, who is involved in this war with coronavirus to comply with the best standards enriched by actual knowledge and international experience” — said Prof. Igor Koman, CEO of SmartOmica.

“We believe the ARIADNA will allow us to better communicate and leverage global medical knowledge in the fight against the coronavirus”, said Dr. Serge Umansky, Co-founder and Director of MetAdvice.

SmartOmica is a Latvian biotech company, founded in 2019. SmartOmica develops IT-solutions for personalized cancer diagnostics and treatment as well as general health assessments based on in-depth diagnostics of the individual’s body. The technology is based on integrating various sources of medical data for a single patient to identify individual therapeutic targets and develop personalized health monitoring programs.

Metadvice is a global healthcare technology company that combines the power of artificial intelligence with advancements in medical science to enable a future where everyone can live longer, healthier lives. The Metadvice knowledge based platform combines the latest clinical guidelines, augmented with insights from AI-based analyses of past decisions, to improve the quality, consistency and personalization of clinical decision making.

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