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Estonia: Workland opens co-working centers in Riga, Vilnius with EUR 2 mln

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Workland, a company offering fully serviced shared office spaces, opened two new co-working centers in Riga and Vilnius this week after investing approximately a million euros in both centers. There are altogether 335 working spaces in the two new centers. By now, Workland has opened 10 centers across the Baltics, the company said LETA/BNS.

Workland founder and management board chair Indrek Haal said that the popularity of co-working centers will continue to grow in Estonia and other countries as both large and small companies have become more flexible -- organizations are growing and changing, which places additional expectations on office space.

The company invested nearly one million euros to open the new Workland Telegraph co-working center opened in the Old Town of Riga on Thursday. In addition to a co-working area, the center has a number of private offices, meeting rooms, a multifunctional space for organizing events, and break areas. The center has working spaces for 175 people.

Some one million euros was also invested in Workland Quadrum, opened in Vilnius on Wednesday. The co-working center has 160 working spaces in the open office area and private offices and is equipped with meeting rooms, break areas, a terrace, kitchen and other facilities necessary for work.

It is estimated that by 2022, around five million people worldwide will be working in co-working centers instead of regular offices. In the Baltics, the number of people working in co-working centers will almost double, reaching 11,000 jobs in a few years, which is why Workland is focused on expanding existing centers and building new ones.

"In addition to the Telegraph and Vilnius centers, we will soon open the most diverse center in Kaunas," Haal said.

Workland is a full-service business center and co-working space operator founded in 2016 and currently has 10 centers, three of which -- Hobujaama, Vabaduse and Maakri -- are in Tallinn, two in Riga, three in Vilnius and two in Kaunas.

Workland's largest shareholder is investment firm BaltCap along with the company's founder and executive management.

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