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Cleveron has supplied US Walmart with 100 parcel terminals

BC, Tallinn, 27.07.2017.Print version
Estonian delivery solutions company Cleveron has supplied the American multinational retailing corporation Walmart with 100 click-and-collect parcel terminal PackRobots and the company said more are being produced constantly, informs LETA/BNS.

"I can confirm that at present we are continuously producing more -- orders come in, we produce. A hundred [PackRobots] have been confirmed and once Walmart has installed the next ones, they will announce it," co-founder and chairman of the board of Cleveron Arno Kutt told BNS.


Walmart announced on July 25 that in addition to the existing 20 parcel terminals, the company is planning to add another 80 and maybe even more thanks to the positive feedback from the customers.


Cleveron has previously announced that the need of Walmart as a developing e-trading company is extensive, but the agreement forbids the disclosure of how many terminals Walmart will be supplied with. At the same time, the Cleveron's aim is to produce 15,000 PackRobots for the North American market.


Cleveron's robotics based click-and-collect parcel terminal PackRobot was first installed in the U.S. last fall when parcel terminals were installed at Walmarts and customers were able to receive the goods they had bought from Walmart's e-store.

Walmart is an American retail company, which has the world's largest revenue and employs more than 2 million people. The company has 11,723 stores in 28 countries.

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