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Estonia: Eesti Energia keen to produce fuel from non-recyclable plastic

BC, Tallinn, 17.01.2020.Print version
Estonian state-owned energy group Eesti Energia has announced a public procurement tender for the conduct of applied research with a view to producing liquid fuels from non-recyclable plastics using Eesti Energia's Enefit technology, informed LETA/BNS.

The aim of the survey is to explore the impact of non-recyclable plastic waste on oil shale co-processing processes at the Enefit280 oil plant and the characteristics and quality of resulting products, with and without the addition of shredded tires, it appears from the procurement documents.

In the course of the tests, commercial oil shale, unenriched oil shale, shredded tires, eight different plastic polymers and plastic compounds will be used as raw materials. The materials to be used include the most widespread kinds of plastic: polyethylene (PE) and its high- and low-density varieties HDPE and LDPE, which make up 34 percent of the world's total output of plastics. Among other things, plastic bags and plastic bottles are made from PE. During 2017, over a hundred million tons of PE, HDPE and LDPE was produced globally. 

For the conduct of the survey, Eesti Energia and the partner chosen in the tender will seek applied research measure support from the Archimedes foundation in the amount of half the total cost of the project. 

The conduct of the survey is planned to start in 2020 and the final date of submissions is Jan. 29. 

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