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Co-joining Maritime Academy with Riga Tech in the works

BC, Riga, 14.11.2013.Print version
During talks this week between officials from the Education Ministry and administration at Riga Technical University (RTU), a decision was made by the ministry to propose to the Latvian Maritime Academy (LMA) to enter into negotiations with RTU on merging both schools, informs LETA.

This initiative comes from RTU. During the meetings this week, it voiced the viewpoint that taking over LMA's functions would be purposeful because LMA's doctoral programs are already being offered at RTU. Education Minister Vjaceslavs Dombrovskis expressed his support for the initiative.


Also at the meetings this week, a decision was made to gradually cut government-funded student allocations for RTU's business and economics departments as they overlap with the same at the University of Latvia.

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