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Latvian citizens urged to get ready for new immigration rules in UK

BC, Riga, 19.11.2020.Print version
Latvian citizens are urged to get ready for the new immigration rules in the UK that will come into force as of January 1, 2021, LETA learned from Andra Jakovica, a spokeswoman for the British Embassy in Riga.

She said that the UK has launched a European information campaign to help EU citizens prepare for the new immigration system.

People may apply for most of the visas starting from December 1, whole student visa applications can be submitted already now.

The UK plans to introduce a new immigration system that will be the same for EU citizens and citizens of other countries.

It will be still possible for Latvian citizens to visit the UK without visas, staying for up to six months, for example, as a tourist, visiting family and friends or participating in short-term study or business activities, events and conferences.

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