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Estonian PM in Africa: money should be invested in sectors, which interest young people

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It is essential to support investments in digital economy and other sectors of the economy which interest young people and ensure employment for them, Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas said in his speech at the opening of the African Union - EU Summit on November 30th, cites LETA/BNS.


"Our young people deserve to be supported by their governments in increasing their quality of life. It is essential to support investments in digital economy and other sectors of the economy which interest young people and ensure employment for them. Entrepreneurship -- especially small and medium-sized enterprises -- offers the most opportunities for this. We must find ways to support their creation both in Africa and Europe," Ratas said at the meeting of the heads of government of Europe and Africa on ways how to create economic opportunities for young people.


"Digital economy provides new prospects for economic growth. If young people see opportunities in their home country for development, participation in society, career, and safely starting a family, they are less likely to search for a better life in Europe," said Ratas. The prime minister added that investment should begin from as early as primary school, where boys and girls must have equal opportunities to get an education.


According to the prime minister, Africa is increasingly contributing to economic growth and innovation, but this will lead to results only if there is peace and stability. "Africa is a very important neighbor for Europe. Everything that happens in Africa affects Europe and vice versa. The plan of the African Union to silence the guns in Africa by 2020 is certainly a step towards peace, stability, and reconciliation," Ratas said.


Ratas said he believes that the fifth African Union and European Union Summit, which began on Wednesday, provides a valuable opportunity for renewing and tightening the cooperation between the two continents. Participants of the summit include 83 heads of state from Europe and Africa, representatives of the institutions of the European Union and the African Union, as well as nonprofit associations and undertakings.


According to the prime minister, the most complicated negotiations on migration and security are still ahead of us. "On the one hand, we must stop illegal immigration to Europe and send those who have entered Europe illegally back home safely. On the other hand, we must establish legal migration routes and enable entrance to those who need protection. Europe should not turn away anyone who needs help but we can only solve this situation with the help of the countries that people are currently emigrating from," said the prime minister of Estonia.


On the sidelines of the summit, the prime minister will meet several African leaders. 

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