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Estonia granted asylum to 7 persons in 2013

BC, Tallinn, 06.01.2014.Print version
Estonia granted asylum to 7 applicants in 2013; three family members of the persons who got asylum also received residence permits, LETA/Postimees writes.

Two of the persons who received asylum in Estonia last year were Syrian and two Russian citizens, one was citizen of Afghanistan, one Pakistan and one Belorussia. Residence permits were granted to family members of citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia, Police and Border Guard spokeswoman Katrin Rohtla told Postimees.


97 people applied for asylum in Estonia last year. 26 of them were Vietnamese citizens, 17 were Syrian, 14 Russian, 9 Georgian, 8 Pakistani, 3 Albanian, 3 Iranian, 3 Sudanese, 3 Byelorussian, 2 Kosovo and 2 Cuban citizens. Estonia also received 1 asylum application from a citizen of Afghanistan, Australia, Croatia, Nigeria, Tunisia and Turkey. One applicant had dual citizenship of Russia and the USA.


In 37 cases, officials rejected the asylum application. In 24 cases the processing of the application ended on the basis of administrative proceedings law, i.e. either the official decided to not process the application or the person withdraw it.


As of December 31 last year, 47 asylum applications were in the Police and Border Guard Board proceedings, on which the final decision had not yet been made.


In 2012, Estonia received 77 asylum applications, of which 8 were satisfied.

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