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Estonia remains leader among Baltics in WEF's Network Readiness Index

BC, Riga, 18.04.2013.Print version
Latvia remains 41st in the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Network Readiness Index, behind its Baltic neighbors. The index, which comprises 144 countries altogether, ranks Estonia 22nd and Lithuania 32nd, reports LETA.

At the top of the index, Finland is in first place, followed by Singapore and Sweden.

The other top ten countries in the index include the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, the United States and Taiwan.


At the bottom of the ranking are Burundi, Sierra Leone, Chad and Haiti.


The report highlights the lack of progress in bridging the new digital divide – not only in terms of developing ICT infrastructure but also in economic and social impact. Despite rapid adoption of mobile telephony, most developing economies lag behind advanced economies due to environments that are insufficiently conducive to innovation and competitiveness. On the other hand, the report shows the progress that countries are making to fully use ICT to boost higher productivity, economic growth and quality jobs in the current economic environment. Finally, the report reveals an apparent investment threshold in ICT, skills and innovation beyond which return on investment increases significantly. Browse the report in an interactive reader


The index comprises four sub-indexes that measure the environment for information and communication technologies (ICT), the readiness of a society to use ICT, the actual usage of all main stakeholders, and the impacts that ICT generates in the economy and society.


The Global Information Technology Report 2013, with a record coverage of 144 economies, remains one of the most comprehensive and authoritative assessment of the impact of ICT on the competitiveness of nations and the well-being of their citizens. 

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