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70% Lithuanians use computers

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 25.07.2012.Print version
At present, a total of 70% of Lithuania's residents use computers and 68% of them use the Internet.

In a year, compared to the second quarter of 2011, the share of computer users grew by 2% from 68%, while the numbers of the Internet users increased by 3.5% from 64.5%, writes LETA/ELTA.


According to the poll ordered by the Information Society Development Committee at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, in the Q2 96% of Lithuanians aged 15-29 used the Internet. The poll revealed that the higher the age the lower the numbers of the Internet users: 84% in the group of 30-39 years, 72% in the group of 40-49 years, 51% in the group of 50-59 years and 24% in the group of residents aged from 60 to 74.


As in the Q1, the most visited websites remained the following: (,,,,, and www.15


The poll was carried out by the market research company TNS from February 27 to May 20. A total of 1,730 Lithuania's residents aged from 15 to 74 were polled.

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