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Several thousand people go to work by bicycle in Riga

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 03.07.2012.Print version
Several thousand people go to work by bicycle in Riga every morning, according to a survey carried out by Latvian Cyclists' Association and vortal, as editor Romans Melniks told LETA.

During the survey, cyclists crossing Vansu, Akmens, Salu, Dienvidu, Gaisa, Zemitanu and Deglava bridges in Riga were counted in the morning of June 29, as well as cyclists driving along a cycle lane on Skolas Street. Altogether, 1377 cyclists were counted.


The average number of cyclists riding over the said bridges was 5.23 to 6.6 cyclists per minute, compared to just 1.5 cyclists per minute in 2008.


Taking into consideration that people go to work by bicycle also on other streets in Riga, the total number of people who ride a bike to work each morning could be several thousands, according to estimates.


"Cycling trends are changing. Now there are more ladies riding bicycles, in skirts and elegantly dressed," says Latvian Cyclists' Association head Viesturs Silenieks, adding that this proves that bicycle is not necessarily meant for sports but is also a convenient day-to-day means of transport, such as an automobile or a trolley-bus.


"Percentage-wise, the number of cyclists is growing faster than the infrastructure meant for cyclists. Such statistics is important for not only planning of infrastructure but also analysis of traffic accidents," says Silenieks, explaining that the number of cyclists has increased much more than the number of accidents involving cyclists.

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