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More investment expected in Estonia's business environment in 2012

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 28.06.2012.Print version
Estonian entrepreneurs feel more confident, and see better prospects on the market; that leads to increasing willingness to invest, the Estonian news portal BBN reports referring to an article of Aripaev.

Local entrepreneurs were short on investments during the crisis times. The fresh statistics show that enterprises were more active on corporate borrowing in May, writes LETA.


There are also other signs: Estonia has restored its pre-crisis level in attracting foreign direct investments, the construction sector has notably become more active in recent years and although European debt crisis continues to evolve, forecasts already expect the Eurozone economy to grow modestly by the end of the year.


Many companies forecast increase of revenues and profits. Banks are also ready to finance larger projects at better financing terms, which is quite good economic sign. The most optimistic sector is the food production where 95% of respondents said that they expect revenue growth, 63% plan to invest and 62% plan to increase share of exports.


A survey made by Swedbank shows that one in three large industrial enterprises plan to invest this year for increasing added value and about half of them expect to grow their exports. Banks say that the trend in lending should remain positive and say that despite of negative news from Southern Europe, Estonian companies continue to do better than their competitors in Europe or the world.


The next couple of years could be the most suitable ones for making investments or starting a new business, the article says referring to the analysts' opinion.

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