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Experts see great potential for development of Latvian-U.S. cooperation in IT, labor training and energy

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 24.04.2012.Print version
There is great potential for cooperation in information and communication technologies between Latvia and the United States, as well as in training for the qualified Latvian labor force in the United States, and in energy, University of Latvia doctoral candidate Ivars Indans said yesterday in presenting a new book on new partnership opportunities in the Latvia-U.S. cooperation.


The authors of the book emphasize that U.S.-Latvian cooperation in economy, whose potential is not being achieved, as both countries have so far focused on security matters, explained Indans, who is the editor of the book, writes LETA.


The strategic partnership between Latvia and the United States is growing closer and becoming more versatile, said Foreign Ministry State Secretary Andris Teikmanis, adding that, besides security matters, the importance of economic matters is increasing in both countries' relations. Not only experts but any person interested in the international policies, and especially the Baltic region policy, will find the new research interesting, said Teikmanis.

Andris Teikmanis and Judith Garber. Riga, 23.04.2012. Photo:

U.S. Ambassador to Latvia Judith Garber stressed that the authors of the book were looking into not only the past and present of the U.S.-Latvia strategic partnership, but also attempted to look into the future. The ambassador emphasized the importance of day-to-day contacts between Latvian and U.S. residents, which contributes to and expands political cooperation between both countries.


The study looks at opportunities for expanding the Latvian-U.S. cooperation regardless of the global changes due to which the United States has been paying less attention to the Central and Eastern European region.


The study is a collaboration among several renowned U.S. and Latvian foreign policy researchers and experts: security policy expert Airis Rikveilis, Providus researcher Reinis Aboltins, Latvian Foreign Policy Institute Director Andris Spruds, Eastern European Policy Research Center CEO Ainars Lerhis and Executive Director Andis Kudors, writer and analyst Paul A. Goble and the Vice-President of the Atlantic Council of the United States, Damon Wilson.

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