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Municipal election in Lithuania

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 28.02.2011.Print version
According to preliminary results of municipal election, Arturas Zuokas and Vilnius Coalition is in the lead of 100 polling districts out of the total 151 in Vilnius.

Zuokas and his team defeated the coalition of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and the Russian Alliance Valdemaro Tomasevskio Blokas by 2% of the vote, writes LETA/ELTA.


In 100 polling districts, Arturas Zuokas and Vilnius Coalition received support from 17.45% of the voters; the Polish and Russian coalition was supported by 15.77% of the voters. The Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats came third with 13.49% of the vote.


Zuokas predicts that the ruling coalition in Vilnius City Municipal Council will be formed from at least three parties which are expected to be named as soon as Monday.


Opposition parties seem to have garnered more support from voters than the major parties, preliminary results of the polls to elect municipal councils in Lithuania show.


The Social Democratic Party has the lead in the districts of Akmene, Mazeikiai, Kelme, Taurage, Zarasai, Vilkaviskis, Jonava, Jurbarkas, the cities of Marijampole, Siauliai, resorts of Birstonas and Druskininkai.


The Labour Party is the leader in the districts of Anyksciai, Sirvintos and Kedainiai.


The party Order and Justice received most votes in the districts of Silale and Telsiai.


The Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats was the most popular among the voters in the districts of Alytus, Moletai, Pasvalys, Lazdijai and Radviliskis.


On Sunday, 44.04% of voters went to the polls to express their political will, Monday's preliminary data updated at 7 a.m. show. Voter turnout data was collected from 2,016 polling stations in 60 municipalities. Turnout reached 1.152,765 people voted, 4.51% of ballot papers found invalid. Preliminary data shows that Alytus, Birstonas, Lazdijai, Silale, Svencionys, Salcininkai, Raseiniai, Pagegiai, Ignalina,Vilnius, Zarasai districts and Neringa city saw the highest local governments election turnout with over 50% of the local electorate going to the polls. The percentage of voters in the major cities was lower. According to preliminary counts, voter turnout was at 36.62% in Panevezys, 40.1% in Kaunas, 33.55% in Klaipeda, 41.49% in Alytus, 39.43 in Siauliai and 43.93% in Vilnius. Polling stations closed at 8 p.m.


A total of 16,404 candidates stood for election to municipal councils. Seats at municipal councils were sought by 23 party lists of candidates and 505 independent candidates


Voters in 60 municipalities elected 1,526 municipal council members.

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