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Population remains stable only in region around Riga

BC, Riga , 16.10.2020.Print version
Of all Latvia's regions, population only remains stable in municipalities around the capital city Riga, the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) informed LETA.

According to CSB representatives, although around a third of Latvia's population lives in Riga, the number of residents in the capital city, just like in other regions of Latvia, has tended to decline over the past 30 years. Riga Region, or the municipalities around the capital city, is the only exception as its population has remained stable. 

Statistics also show that the average age of people living in Riga Region is the lowest in Latvia, while the highest average age is in the eastern Latvian province of Latgale where the population has been shrinking at the fast rate. 

The highest proportion of ethnic Latvians - 88% - has been recorded in the northeastern province of Vidzeme, followed by the western province of Kurzeme with 77%. The smallest proportion of ethnic Latvians has been recorded in Latgale (46%) and Riga (47%).

Riga and its region also stand out with the highest employment rates, with 70% and 69% respectively. The lowest employment rate is in Latgale where 56% of the working-age population are employed. 

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