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Survey: 58% of Estonians supporting continuation of fur farming

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Over half of respondents to a survey commissioned by the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce and carried out by pollster AS Emor said that the rearing of animals farmed for their fur should remain permitted in Estonia on the condition that it adheres to all requirements ensuring animal welfare, reported LETA/BNS.

Requirements imposed on animal welfare, sustainability and ethics in the European Union are the highest in the world, which is why limiting fur farming in Estonia would not improve the situation for animals; instead it will make it worse, according to Roomet Sormus, head of the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce. Fur farming would otherwise be relocated to third states where animal welfare requirements are much lower, he said.

"Circular economy principles should also be taken into account when weighing the future of fur farming. Firstly, we seek to reduce our dependence on non-renewable natural resources, such as oil products, and secondly, fur farming could have a significant role in the use of meat and fish industry byproducts," Sormus said.

The survey conducted by AS Emor in early September shows that 58.4% of the respondents either strongly support or rather support fur farming in Estonia on the condition that it complies with all animal welfare requirements. 17.9% said they rather do not support the practice and 14.5% are firmly against it. 9.3% of the respondents did not have an opinion on the matter.

Broken down by sociological groups, men and older people are more in favor of fur farming, whereas women and younger respondents are more critical of the practice. Among respondents with higher education, continuation of fur farming was supported by close to 60% and opposed by 34%.

A survey carried out in 2017 by pollster Turu-uuringute AS showed that 69% of the respondents said that fur farming should remain permitted in Estonia if it complies with animal welfare requirements.

The online survey carried out from Sept. 10 to 14 included 761 respondents aged 15-74.

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