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New jobs in Latvia to be created in scientific and technical services, construction, ICT and manufacturing sectors

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In the coming years, new jobs will be created mostly in the scientific and technical services, construction, information and communication technologies (ICT) and manufacturing sectors, said the Economics Ministry in its report on the medium-term and long-term forecasts in the job market, informed LETA.

In total, 24,500 new jobs will be created in the above mentioned industries by 2027, which is about 87% of all new jobs in the said period.

In a long-term period or by 2040, most new jobs will be created in the area of professional, scientific and technical services, ICT, as well as health and social care services, considering the ageing trends in the society and increasing demand for different services related with health and rehabilitation.

The ministry noted that the job market will be affected by economic digitalization trends and automation of jobs. Thus, the medium-qualification jobs in a time period until 2040 might drop by more than 50,000.

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