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Lithuania's alcohol consumption down to 11.1 liters in 2019

BC, Vilnius, 29.05.2020.Print version
Lithuania's legal alcohol consumption per person aged 15 years and over amounted to 11.1 liters last year, down by 0.1 liters from 11.2 liters in 2018, according to preliminary figures released by the country's statistics office, Statistics Lithuania, on May 29h, cites LETA/BNS.

Lithuania's retailers and food services providers sold 2.9 million decaliters of spirits (vodka, whiskey, brandy, etc.) last year, down by 0.1% (4,000 decaliters) year-on-year. Wine and fermented beverage sales declined by 0.2% (6,000 decaliters) to 3.4 million decaliters and beer sales were down by 1.2 percent (262,000 decaliters) to 21.6 million decaliters.

Retail prices of alcoholic drinks grew by 2% on average in 2019, due mostly to an excise tax hike that took effect on March 1, 2019.

The steepest price increases were for Lithuanian-made bitters (6.4%), vodka (6.2%) brandy (4.2%), beer (2.9%), and sparkly grape wine (1.7%). Meanwhile, whisky prices went down by 2.8%.

A total of 0.927 million decaliters of spirited alcoholic beverages were produced in Lithuania last year, turned into absolute (100%) alcohol. Their production volumes went down by 3.7% from 2018.

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