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Latvia: Unemployment increases to 8% in April

BC, Riga, 08.05.2020.Print version
Registered unemployment rate in Latvia increased to 8% of the economically active population by end-April, which is 1.2 percentage points more than at the end of March, LETA learned from the State Employment Agency.

At the end of April, there were 72,917 unemployed in Latvia - 10,991 more than at the end of March when 61,926 people were unemployed.

Riga had the lowest unemployment rate at the end of April, 6.2% - however, this is 1.5 percentage points more than in March. Latgale had the highest unemployment of 15.3% - 0.8 percentage points up from March.

The registered unemployment rate in Vidzeme increased 1 percentage point to 7.7% of the economically active population at end-April. Unemployment in Zemgale rose 0.9 percentage points to 7.7%, and unemployment in Kurzeme also increased 0.9 percentage points, amounting to 8.6%.

At the end of 2019, unemployment in Latvia stood at 6.2% of the economically active population. By the end of March, unemployment increased to 6.8%.

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