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29.3% of households in Latvia had accumulated no savings at the beginning of 2020 - survey

BC, Riga, 02.04.2020.Print version
At the beginning of this year, 29.3 percent of households in Latvia had not accumulated any savings, the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) informed on Thursday, citing a provisional assessment.

According to the CSB assessment, 40.9% of households have put aside enough money to maintain their existing life standards for up to three months, while 29.8% could live on their savings like before for three months and more. 

The CSB is currently conducting a survey on people's income and living conditions as part of which respondents are also inquired about their savings. The provisional data have been obtained from 1,004 households, or about 20 percent of the total number the CSB is planning to survey.

The provisional data has been released to raise awareness of the population's economic situation in the circumstances of the Covid-19 crisis, the CSB said. 

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