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The number of building permits issued in Lithuania decreased in Q3

Jolanta Nikolajeva, Statistics Lithuania, 15.11.2017.Print version
Statistics Lithuania informs that, based on the data from the Building Permits and State Construction Supervision Information System the Republic of Lithuania (IS) Infostatyba, in III quarter 2017, against III quarter 2016, the number of building permits issued for the construction of new buildings (hereinafter referred to as the building permits) decreased by 8.1%, of which for the construction of new residential buildings – by 11.1%.

The construction of individual houses will predominate in the country – it accounted for 98.4% of all permits issued.

Building permits were issued for the construction of 1953 new individual houses and 58 blocks of flats whose useful floor area will be by, respectively, 14% and 1.4% smaller than in III quarter 2016.

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