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Bad roads kept 20% of Latvians from obtaining public services

BC, Riga, 18.04.2017.Print version
Bad condition of roads in Latvia has caused difficulties to about 20 percent of population in obtaining some or other public services such as visiting a public agency or a doctor, or receiving timely emergency aid, according to the public opinion poll carried out for the Latvian association of road builders, Latvijas Celu Buvetajs citing LETA.

As many as 11% of respondents had encountered such problems more than once in recent years.

Also, 68% of households with cars said that during the past year they had had to have their vehicle repaired once or more because of bad condition of roads. Thus, 19% had to take their cars for repairs once, 28% two to three times and 21% four or more times.

About one-third or 36% suggested that the entire amount of revenues from the taxes paid by motorists should be spent on maintenance and repairs of roads and bridges. A similar share or 32% think at least 80% of the taxes paid by motorists should be spent on the purpose, and every third suggested 50%. Only 3% of respondents agreed that the existing financing for road maintenance was sufficient.

The poll showed that people in low-income groups and those living at a considerable distance from the Latvian capital Riga are more likely to break their car or have difficulties obtaining a public service because of the condition of roads.

Most respondents think that repairing regional and local roads should be made a priority.

The road building association pointed out that people's wishes were different from the priorities of the Latvian government that had forgotten about roads when working on the tax reform and was focusing only on the main roads that, unlike local roads, can receive the EU financing.

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