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Estonia: 2,652 people complete conscript service in 2015

BC, Tallinn, 12.05.2016.Print version
Altogether 3,332 young people entered conscript military service in Estonia and 2,652 completed it in 2015, it appears from a report on the conduct of conscript service in 2015, informs LETA/BNS.

The report that Defense Minister Hannes Hanso is about to present to the government on Thursday also shows that as at the end of 2015 there were 270,806 persons liable to the national defense obligation in Estonia, about 4% more than the year before.


Plans were for 3,176 conscripts and 24 women volunteering for conscript service to be called up for conscript service during 2015. In fact, 3,332 conscripts and 17 women started conscript service and 2,652 conscripts completed it. During the year, 685 conscripts were released from service for health and other reasons.


The number of reservists called upon to attend reservist training events was 8,600 and 7,006 of them or 81.5% attended a training event, representing the highest ratio of all time. The biggest number of reservists took part in the Siil (Hedgehog) training exercise, the biggest military training event staged by Estonia so far.


The number of people in alternative non-combatant service was 46 at year-end and in all 68 applications to undergo alternative service were filed during the year.


The number of active service military grew by 131 during 2015 to 3,229 at year-end.

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