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Estonian Trade Unions called for a 1-year minimum wage agreement

BC, Tallinn, 16.09.2015.Print version
The board of the Estonian Trade Unions Confederation (ETUC) discussed on Tuesday the topic of minimum wage, and decided to accept the principle of determining the national minimum wage proposed by the State Arbitrator but want to continue the talks over specific figures, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

Peep Peterson, Chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions, said that the board agreed to the principle proposed by the State Arbitrator that the minimum wage could form 41% of the average gross wage. Based on the Finance Ministry's forecast, which the arbitrator at the last meeting proposed, in 2016, the minimum wage should be 452 euros a month.


"This is exactly in the middle of the offers of the employers and trade unions and the trade unions board would unanimously sign that," said Peterson.


The State Arbitrator proposed yesterday 460 euros as minimum wage for 2017, which the trade unions disagree with.


Trade Unions Confederation Board proposes to conclude just a one-year agreement and start 2017 minimum wage negotiations in the coming year. "We do not have a full overview of the tax changes that will take effect; we also need to build the trust between employers, the government and the trade unions, so that the agreements to be concluded were more comprehensive," said Peterson.


While the employers are willing to increase the current 390-euro minimum wage next year to 417 euros and to 448 euros in 2017, the trade unions wish to increase minimum wage to 488 and 609 euros respectively.

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