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Expert doesn’t expect filmmaking in Latvia to slow down after centenary

BC, Riga, 04.12.2017.Print version
Thanks to Latvia’s approaching centenary its film industry has received substantial financial support, enabling the production of more feature and documentary films, but the National Film Center’s director Dita Rietuma believes that filmmaking will continue at a busy pace also beyond the centenary program, cites LETA.

In an interview with LNT commercial TV channel this morning Rietuma acknowledged the revitalizing effect of the centenary film program, which had given a boost to the Latvian film industry, but voiced the hope that filmmakers in Latvia will not be left without financing and that the number of films made in Latvia will not drop sharply after the centenary program.

“Of course, the Latvian film industry can develop even more thanks to the centenary funding, but this boost was necessary, because it enabled the film industry to build muscles which will surely allow shooting quite a few movies also in the future,” Rietuma said.

As reported, altogether 16 films, including six feature films, eight documentaries and two animation films, have received financial support under the Latvian Films for Latvia’s Centenary program.

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