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Dozens Estonian startups oppose abolishing cohabitation law

BC, Tallinn, 11.10.2017.Print version
Representatives of dozens Estonian startups and tech companies have signed a public statement which asks for the parliament not to abolish the cohabitation law, informs LETA/BNS.

Dozens Estonian tech companies and investors are to turn to the parliament with the call to leave the cohabitation law passed in 2014 in force and pass the implementing provisions necessary for the law to enter into force fully, the statement said.

"Estonian tech companies employ people with very different religions, skin colors, origins, home tongues, sexualities, gender identities and beliefs. These people work right here in Estonia and help along Estonia's fame on the world stage as well as pay taxes here. They contribute to the Estonian society. They are our people," the statement said.

"The more narrow-minded and regressive Estonia presents itself as to the world, the more difficult it will be to show to foreign investors and specialist that it is worth investing and working in our companies. However, this directly impacts our economy and Estonia's ability to keep its position as an innovation leader. Thus, the stances of Estonia concerning fundamental human rights impact both our companies and our people -- also those Estonians who at present do not consider it important that the cohabitation law remains in effect," the statement said.

"The community of Estonian tech companies stands for ensuring that all people living in Estonia have equal rights to legally manage their family life. This is why we think it would be only right that at least the first step would be to leave the cohabitation law that entered into force in 2016 in effect and to pass the implementing provisions necessary for the law to enter into force fully."

The statement has been signed among others also by representatives of Jobbatical, Taxify, TransferWise, Testlio, Plumbr, Starship Technologies, ZeroTurnaround, Pipedrive, Mobi Solutions and GoWorkaBit.

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