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Estonian, Australian parliament speakers emphasize importance of cooperation in digital sector

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Speaker of the Estonian parliament Eiki Nestor and speaker of the Australian House of Representatives Tony Smith at a meeting at the Estonian parliament on Monday emphasized the importance of cooperation between the two countries in the field of information technology, reports LETA/BNS.


Nestor and Smith said that the digital sector was a good cooperation point. Nestor told Smith about the developments of the Estonian e-state in information technology. Electronic elections, e-services and cyber security were also spoken about.

The speaker of the Estonian parliament said that using the possibilities provided by e-services has become a kind of a fundamental right in Estonia. "Estonia is ready to cooperate in these issues and share its experience in cyber defense, e-governance as well as digital economy," Nestor said.

Smith said that Australia had national interest in joint activities in the information technology developments and the cyber security sector. It is also important for both sides to continue mutual cooperation between the countries both at the parliamentary level and in international organizations.

The speaker of the Australian House of Representatives will also meet with deputy speaker of the Estonian parliament Enn Eesmaa, deputy chair of the parliament's foreign affairs committee Keit Pentus-Rosimannus and members of the Estonia-Australia and New Zealand parliamentary group Mart Helme and Laine Randjarv.

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