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Estonian and Finnish state portals to be able to exchange data soon

BC, Tallinn, 03.11.2015.Print version
The Estonian State Information Agency launched on Monday a new generation X-Road central server, which enables a secure exchange of data between databanks of Estonia and other states that use a similar system as X-Road; the hope is to reach technical data exchange ability with Finland by the end of 2015, and joint services during 2016, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

This eases, for example, the daily data exchange of national tax authorities, population registers and other institutions and enterprises.

X-Road project manager Tuuli Pärenson said that earlier versions of the X-Road were meant for national use; the new version, number 6, allows for cross-border communication.

"A new version of the X-Road software will be launched this year in Finland, which means that by the end of the year, there is technical capability of cooperation between Estonian and Finnish X-Roads," said Pärenson.

According to current plans, transmission of data between Estonian and Finnish X-Roads will be reality in 2016.

Using the common X-Road means that if someone has things to do in Finnish government institutions, they do not have to take along paper documents issued in Estonia, as those is already visible in digital form. For example, for the two countries' tax authorities it means that businesses can send their declarations electronically or tax authorities can make direct inquiries about tax debts.

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