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Latvia: Police not capable of ''reproducing'' itself due to larger number of retirements compared to number of new recruits

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The Latvian police force is not capable of ''reproducing'' itself due to the larger number of retirements compared to the number of new recruits, State Police Chief Ints Kuzis, who himself will be stepping down in the near future, told LETA.

Last year, the police service recruited 244 people, but retired 532. The most common reasons for not being admitted to the service were failure to pass physical examinations, inadequate health, problems with past issues and failure to pass psychological examinations, according to the State Police.

Meanwhile, the main reasons for leaving the service are desire for life changes, inadequate pay and job specifics, such as workload, Kuzis explained this week at a meeting of the Saeima Defense, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee.

Kuzis stated that the State Police College can accommodate about 250 people a year, but no more because it does not have the necessary resources. Also, admission to the college does not automatically mean that a young person will be admitted to the police force, as he or she must first complete a year of training before being able to work for the police.

"We do not have problems with acceptance, but with reproduction, because we cannot admit 600 recruits a year," Kuzis added.

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