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Riga mayor: new fare policy to be first step towards free public transportation

BC, Riga, 25.09.2013.Print version
Mayor Nils Usakovs (Harmony Center), ahead of today's press conference, reveals the changes up ahead for Riga's public transportation system in his "Facebook" account, cites LETA.

The "bad news" is for those persons without official residency in Riga – as of January 1, one ride will cost them EUR 1.20 – or twice as much as now.


The "good news" is for registered Rigans, as of the new year, one ride on public transportation will cost less – EUR 0.60 or LVL 0.42, instead of the current LVL 0.50.

Usakovs called the new system "simple" – up to December 31st, residents will have to take out a personalized e-ticket (e-talons), the so-called "Rigan card".


The mayor explains that "the rest will be automatic, no papers or any other document will be necessary."


And – for those registered Rigans signing up by December 31 – a 1-month e-ticket for free as a special bonus, the mayor informs.

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